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The John Birch Society Same As The KKK

Hi,  I am doing a paper for college on the difference between white supremacy groups.  Can you tell me about the John Birch Society?  How are they like the Klan and how are they different?  I hope to hear from you thanks...Joe Banan

Johnny: The John Birch Society is just a political version of the KKK, without the name of the KKK. They center on the political ideas of the Klan and are not as vocal in public on the ideas of the racial superiority, but they attract the same people and say the same things behind closed doors. A rose by any other name is still a rose...the Klan by any other name is still Klan. The John Birch Society is the Klan. In 1998, they openly supported a Neo-Nazi girl by the name of Carol Elizabeth Howe, who later changed her name to Amanda Byrnes Collins, that was put on trial by the federal government, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are racist, and full of hate and are officially listed as a hate group with several civil rights organizations throughout the USA.


Q: The John Birch Society is not the KKK.  We are a conservative political group.  If we were the KKK why wouldn't we call ourselves that then?  We don't cause we are not. You are correct a rose is a rose and an ass is an ass and you certainly make yourself out to be one.. Harry Lake

Johnny: Sell your lies to somebody else, as I am not buying. The facts are The John Birch Society is a RACIST EXTREMIST GROUP and are listed as such with various law enforcement agencies around the country.
Here are the facts:


FACT: The JBS supported un-repentant Neo-Nazi Carol Howe and hailed her as a hero, even giving her front cover of the New American magazine, the OFFICIAL publication of the John Birch Society in their September 1997 edition, in addition to writing many more articles in admiration of Howe. Carol Howe, a woman who hates Jews, Blacks and the Federal Government, who lived in sin with a Skinhead and was head of a neo-nazi party based in Oklahoma as well as a member of the White Aryan Resistance.


FACT: Tom Metzger, founder and leader of the White Aryan Resistance was also an active leader in the John Birch Society in the Fallbrook, California area. No wonder the JBS supported Carol Howe.


FACT: The John Birch Society has many members who are also active members of the Ku Klux Klan, Militia, Nazi Party, and many other ultra right extremists anti-government groups.


FACT: The JBS has published publication after publication calling Dr. Martin Luther King a communist and trying to tear down all the work Dr. King spent his life doing to bring about racial reconciliation.


Now, to answer your question as to why the John Birch Society does not call itself the KKK, is the only difference between the JBS and the KKK is the JBS is too cowardly to admit that they are racist while at least the KKK openly admits to what they are. There is a reason for this.
The John Birch Society's function is to recruit professional people into their ranks of anti-government conspiracy freaks, that would be too afraid to join an organization with the name of the KKK. They suck these people into their ranks and use the donations to further the cause of radical un-American fascist racist KKK activities. This is a ploy for the KKK to get funding to help spread their agenda.
Like I said, the facts are on my side and are supported by law enforcement agencies throughout the nation who monitor extremist groups.
Please do not try to represent your organization as "conservative." You are not conservative, and are disowned by the Republican Party and are considered a disgrace to true conservatives everywhere. Ronald Reagan, the greatest conservative American ever, would have nothing to do with any of you. Neither will President Bush for that matter.
I will continue to speak out and expose your John Birch Society's racist agenda to the public and let them decide.


Q:  Hi I'm Sara and I'm doing a project at school about the KKK. Now for this I need to talk about the popular reactions. Because we have learned in class that a terrorist group is defined only by opinion, I have realized I need to search and find out about the positives of the KKK--now I know this is weird because it may be impossible to find good from these awful people--but if there is any way for you to help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You .......Sara

Johnny: Dear Sara: There should be good in everyone. Sometimes it is hard to find it in certain individuals. I guess if one were to talk about positive qualities in the Klan you would have to look at it from two perspectives.  One would be the individual who joined the Klan, and the other would be the organization as a whole. Concerning the first one, a lot of the individual Klansmen are not bad people, they are just misguided. Racism is a learned response. You are not born with hate you are taught to hate. Some of the Klansmen, as an individual, would be a grandfather, an uncle, or just a regular person that you would never know to be bad except for their racism.  From the second perspective, just like a lot of organizations, the Klan does practice some good. It used to be that if a person who joined the Klan lost his job and was hungry, the Klan would take around a box of groceries to the family. They also did this many years ago to white people who were poor.  The Klan would get boxes of groceries and place it on someone's porch step with a Klan newspaper in it, ring the doorbell and run away. If a man abused his wife and children he could expect a visit from the men wearing white robes and hoods. They would drag him out of his house and give him a whipping, along with a warning that he best not abuse his wife anymore, which some would say was a good thing. They wouldn't kill him but they would show him how it feels to be on the receiving end of a beating. Nine out of ten times the Klan never had to return.  The Klan no longer practices this today as far as I know and domestic violence is on the increase in our nation.  The Klan also stands against abortion, homosexuality, and drug dealers. They are for prayer in the schools and the use of the Bible in the classroom. These are good things that would entice some people into joining the Klan, however, if someone joined because of these reasons they would soon see that the evil the Klan does is so sinister that it far outweighs the good.  The Klan is guilty of bombings, murder, and hatred of their fellow man because of the shade of their skin.



Q: Why does the Klan say Jesus was not a Jew? I heard them say that on TV, and any moron who reads his Bible knows that Jesus was a Jew! K.C. Bradford, Ann Arbor, Michigan

A: Unfortunately,  K.C., the people who belong to the Klan never read the entire bible for themselves. They read all the literature that David Duke and people like him put out where they take scriptures out of context and build their own ideas around it.  That is how cults get started. I remember when I first heard David Duke make that statement, he quoted St. John 8:44-47, where Jesus was speaking to those who claimed to be children of Abraham and said "You are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, for when he speaks a lie, it is his own for he is a liar and the father of it. You that are of God hear God's Word, you therefore hear them not because you are not of God."  Duke tried to claim that proved Jesus was not a Jew and that Jews are all of the devil and won't go to heaven. What he failed to do was to read the entire chapter because in the same chapter, in verse 31, Jesus was saying to those Jews who believed in Him, "If you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine, (32) and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." There are plenty more scriptures to refute what the Klan says. Maybe I will do an article on it in the near future and post it to the web site.



Hello my name is Ron and I'm doing a report in school on the Ku Klux Klan and I was wondering if you could help me. Ok I have to know the leaders of the Klan in order of rank. All I have is the Grand Dragon, Imperial Wizard, and the Grand Wizard. I know this might be asking a lot but can you also tell me what color robes they have. For this one I only have the Grand Dragon. I think it is white with green strips.   Well that's all. I hope you can help me. And thanx for your time!!!!....Ron

Johnny: I am more then happy to help you with your report! There is no set color for the ranking members of the Klan. Different Klan's have different colors of robes. It is up to The Leaders which color to use. The order of rank is as follows:
Klansman-a member
Chaplain- Preacher
Exalted Cyclops-Klavern or den the mayor of the city
Klaliff- Usually assistant to Exalted Cyclops or second in command over a Klavern
Titan- District leader, like a State representative
Kludd- leader over certain amounts of Klaverns, in some cases a territory
Kleagle- State Public Relations Director...his job is to be a spokesperson and to recruit and set up klaverns.
Grand Dragon- The State leader, like a Governor
Imperial Wizard or Grand Wizard- (the same thing) The National Leader...the Highest ranking member of the Klan. Usually, the Imperial Wizard appoints State leaders like Grand Klaliff, Grand Titan, etc., or they are elected. Different leaders have different colors of robes and stripes depending on the Klan.  Most of them are different because they try to distinguish themselves from other Klans. If I can be of any further help, let me know. 



 Q: My name is NaKeisha Washington. For most of my life I've always wanted to know why the KKK hated African Americans more than any other race. They are always saying we need to go back to Africa when indeed their demanding leadership is what forced my ancestors to get on the boat. They always claim to be the Pure race when actually in all truths there is no pure race in America. The majority of the KKK aren't what Hitler would call the true Aryan nation b/c they don't have blonde hair nor blue eyes. In my opinion the true white supremacist is the one who is the very high political figure who can work with and tolerate all races and is a racist at heart but never publicly showing any signs. Those are the ones who indeed think that the KKK is an insult to the Aryan, (true Aryan) nation. The KKK is just a cult of cultural outcast that aren't accepted by society. I solely commend your change and that goes to show that God can use even an Imperial Wizard of the Klan to let Satan know that his authority is limited and that He has the final say so. Satan can destroy everything but God will not him destroy the souls for they belong to him. Whatever the threats the Klan makes to you take it with pride and dignity and stand firm with the Lord. Let the enemy's negative remarks be a curse to themselves b/c as all Christians know God can make your enemies bow at your feet. So let their negative statements be your blessing. Keep serving God and your blessings and rewards will be overflowing. No matter how poor one may say we are, we have a crown in.  Heaven worth more than they could every imagine or ever began to grasp.

Johnny: Dear NaKeisha: 

Thank you for your email, and very well put I might add.  I believe that one of the reason's the Klan hates African-Americans so much is because they look different.  By putting others down they make themselves feel superior.  One who hates so much really does not like his or her own self.  They know deep down inside that they are a loser in society and they are searching for some way to try to achieve some sort of superiority. You have to remember also that the majority of K.K.K. members are what would be classified as "poor white trash". Very few Klan members come from upper middle class backgrounds or even middle class for that matter. They come from backgrounds that are poor and down trodden.  Instead of doing something to better themselves they build up resentment until it turns into hatred. They blame the Jews, Blacks, and others for their own failures in life and they are a product of a learned response. That is, they are taught to hate.  Babies do not come into this world, hating other races; someone teaches them to hate. It is passed from generation to generation. If the Blacks were not around for Klansmen to hate, it would be the Jews and if they were not around it would be the Native American Indians and if not them then someone else.  When no one else that appears to be different is around then they start hating and bickering with each other. Many of them are crying out for a separate "Aryan" homeland. They scream for a place where people that believe like they do can all go and live and not have to be around other races. That could be a solution that would benefit everybody.  Even if there were no other races around them, their hatred is so deeply imbedded within them that  they would start hating each other and finally destroy one another. 



Q:   My name is Peter and I am 15 gears old. When you where in Sweden (Filipstad) in Ferlinskolan I forgot two things I want to know.....Why does the KKK members wear white clothes
and where come the KKK flag come from? I be very "happy" if you answer these questions.......Peter, Filipstad, Sweden

Johnny: Hello Peter:   The K.K.K. wears white sheets to intimidate people through fear. They have a history of putting pillow slips over their heads and sheets around them so that when they committed a crime they could not be identified. Today, the members wear these things at their meetings as part of their traditional costume. When appearing in public, the members often wear the hoods to cover their face so no one can identify who they are, as they are ashamed of themselves so much that they want to hide. They will claim that they only hide their identity to keep from loosing their jobs. If they were so powerful, they could take action against such companies that fire employees for being Klan members.  Many Klan members march in public with their faces covered yelling "White Pride" yet they hide behind the masks.  Certain states in America, have passed anti-masking laws, forbidding people to wear hoods that cover their face in public.  In those areas when the Klan comes to town to march or to demonstrate, they usually only have 5-10 members that come out in the open, and they are laughed at. If it were not for police protection, they would be laughed out of town. 
As far as the Klan flag goes, some Klan's have created flags with the Klan symbol of either the cross wheel patch, which is a modified swastika placed in a circle created by David Duke in the 70's, or the Klan blood drop emblem. That is a circle with 4 K's around the edge of a cross. Where the 4 K's come together there is a diamond In the middle of the diamond there is a drop of blood which is supposed to symbolize the blood of the white race. The official Klan rules states that the official flag of the Ku Klux Klan, is the Stars and Stripes, which is the official flag of the United States. That U.S.A. flag has to be displayed and flown at all public and private Klan meetings as it is their official flag.



Q: Dear Johnny Lee, Another question, from your knowledge of the Klan, what is the Klan position on display of the United States Flag? Is it always displayed at a Klan function, parade, meeting etc.?..... Yours,Kirk  .....Kirk& Brenna Lyons 

Johnny: Kirk, The Klan's position on the United States flag is that they display it and it is flown at most Klan marches and is a required display at Klavern meetings. The Klan bylaws demands that the U.S. Flag and the Christian flag be displayed at all naturalization ceremonies. This is what angers me at those who oppose the Confederate Battle flag. Opponents of the Confederate flag want it destroyed claiming that the Klan and other hate groups fly it. If that is the case then they need to destroy the U.S. Flag and the Christian Flag also because the Klan flies them as well. BOTH of those flags are required to be displayed at Klan meetings, whereas the Confederate Battle flag is not. Whenever I encounter a black person, white person, or any other who is opposed to the Confederate Battle Flag I let them know that the Confederate Battle flag has not been the official flag since 1865.  I tell blacks that if they feel they have been discriminated against, forced to live in ghettos, cheated educationally or any other form of oppression....under what flag has this occurred?  That usually gives people something to think about.  It is the U.S. Flag that injustice has occurred under, not the Confederate Battle Flag. Which flag flew over slave auctions, the Confederate flag or the United States Stars and Stripes? It was the USA flag and NOT the Confederate flag. Let us also not forget that there were over 30,000 Brave Black men who voluntarily fought for and many of them dying for the Confederacy.



Q: I find your story totally amazing, and believe that only Christ could have caused such a turnaround. I hope you don't mind if I pose several questions at once:
1) You say that the hoods started off as pillowcases, and are to protect the anonymity of Klansmen. The robes and hoods seem rather similar to those worn by certain clerics in Spain. Is this just a coincidence?
2) Do Klansmen really speak of themselves as the true Americans? This seems a little ironic. Blessings,............Stephen Anderson

Johnny: Dear Stephen: Yes, as far as I know it is just a coincidence that it is similar to the clerics in Spain. Just like in a strange sort of way, the hoods and robes kind of resemble what several high priest in the Catholic Church would wear. That is ironic considering until 1975 the Klan was anti-Catholic and did not open membership to them before that time. 

The reason the Klan speaks of themselves as "true" Americans, is the way THEY see it  The KKK does not think the Native Americans were not the first ones in America. They claim that Vikings were there long before the Indians.  There does seem to be some evidence that Vikings came to America, however, there is no proof as far as I know that the Native American Indian was not there when the Viking came centuries ago. The facts also are that the Vikings did not civilize America and left for other lands. The Klan has taught that the Indians are subhuman and refer to them as "wagon burners"  Some Klan leaders have stated they had a certain amount of respect for them because rather then let the white man make slaves out of them they fought back. The weird thing is, most people I met that belonged to the Klan had at least some Indian ancestry! So much for that ignorant theory of "pure race"!



Q: What do you think of Thomas Robb? The Grand D*#khead,
excuse me wizard, of the KKK..........

Johnny: Actually Thom Robb is really not a Grand Wizard. He was self-appointed "Grand Wizard" after David Duke resigned from the Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan and Duke's successor Don Black went to jail. Robb talked a few members into coming in with him and declared himself the "Grand Wizard." He has never had more then 100 members at a time. At a so-called Klan rally he held in Arkansas, INCAR, (The International Committee Against Racism,) attacked the rally. It was on film showing Robb running to his car, leaving women and children behind.  He is a former  "Shaklee salesman".  One time back in 1979 he called an emergency Klan meeting in Garfield, Arkansas.  People drove for hours to get there. When everyone arrived, they discovered there was no emergency at all, but rather a speech by Robb saying that Jews owned all the major goods we purchase in the grocery and department stores and he felt that the proper thing to do would be to sign up for Shaklee products.  Furthermore, folks could purchase from him to avoid giving their money to the Jews. He is nothing more then a con man who, along with a handful of others, believe he is some kind of Klan "leader" when in actuality he is a joke. 


Q: What is wrong with white christians grouping with other white christians?  I read your questions and answers on Pastor Thomas Robb. I had never heard of him so I looked him on the internet and started to watch his show "This is the Klan".  He did not seem like a bad person to me.  He talked about a white christian fest in Pulaski, Tennessee.  I went there and I really had a good time.  I got to meet and speak to Pastor Robb.  I got to meet and speak with a lot of other christians.  Obiviously the klan the liberal media portrays is not the real klan.  They were really nice people. I am definately thinking about

Johnny: I certainly feel sorry for you if you join that group of people. There are no Christians in the Klan. You cannot practice hate or "racial separatism" as they call it, and be a Christian. Rev. 7:9 says what John saw in Heaven.
Rev 7:9-10
9 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;
10 And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.

The word nations comes from the Greek word "ethnos" meaning ETHNIC, or RACE. All races live together in Heaven. Gal. 3:28 says there is neither Jew nor Greek, but we are all one in Christ.

If you cannot get along with other races while here on earth and treat them as your brother then you will not be able to get along with other races in heaven   The Klan is a cult, period. End of story.  I was the NATIONAL LEADER of the organization.  If anyone should know about the Klan it is me.  I do hope that you will stay away from that cult. Remember, when people first met Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and Hitler they thought they were nice guys too! Ask Thom Robb next time you see him what he thinks of Hitler. He considers Hitler a hero. If you agree with that assertion, then you are in bad shape. If you do not agree with Thom Robb that Hitler was a hero then maybe you will see what I am saying is truth. Good friends come in all colors!



Q: How many members does the Klan have? (Name withheld by request) Tulsa,Ok.

Johnny: No one knows the exact numbers of their membership.  However in 1996, the Southern Poverty Law Center released statistics showing that there are around 870 armed white separatists groups operating in the United States who are advocating overthrow of the government. They estimated that there are around 800,000 members of these groups which include the Klan, Neo-nazis, Militias, John Birch Society, Aryan Nations, Skinheads, and various others.  Some estimates put the figures today at around a million in the USA alone. There are several different factions of these organizations, mainly because they can't get along with each other and they break away from one group to form another. The Klan itself does not have many members. David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Klan, realized years ago that most people will not join the Ku Klux Klan because of the negative connotations that go along with the name.  As a result several "front" groups were created with entirely different names. The message ,however, is still the same. It is kind of like what Shakespeare said about the rose..."A rose by any other name, is still a rose". The Klan by any other name, is still the Klan. UPDATE: As of 12/2002 the A.D.L has released statistics stating that 30,000 people have joined white hate organizations sine 9/11 with the attack on America.



Q: Why does the Klan burn the cross? Tommy Pritchard, Orlando, Florida

Johnny Lee: The Klan burns crosses to threaten and intimidate people. The Klan will say that they do not "burn" crosses, but rather "light" them as a ritual.  The Klan teaches that the fiery cross is the oldest symbol of Christianity, dating back to the 16th Century in Scotland. They also have made statements regarding the Olympics in Scotland.  Every year the Scottish people display a "lighted" cross. None of this is true.  I have traveled to Scotland  3 times and toured all over the country.  I my travels I spoke with pastors, media personal, and just plain citizens of Scotland that attend the Olympics and NONE of them have ever seen a cross on fire.  Most of them told me that the only time Scottish citizens have seen a cross on fire was when they watched shows about the K.K.K. in America. The bottom line is, the Klan tells lies when they say this.  I did some research on the subject of the origination of the burning cross and I found that, according to the FOXES BOOK of MARTYRS, the earliest recorded incidents of a cross being burned was when the early Christians were tied to the cross and set on fire by the Roman soldiers. The fact of the matter is that Satan hates Calvary and what it stands for because man is saved through the work of Christ on the cross.  So when the Klan burns a cross they are doing the will of their master, Satan, by trying to destroy the symbol of Calvary.



 Q: If the Ku-Klux Klan hates Greeks, then how come the Klan has taken a Greek word to their name? - Maria Krysiak, Sweden

Johnny: Great question Maria! I believe the point you are making is as follows: The name Ku Klux Klan comes from the Greek word "Kuklus" which means 'circle'. This translates to the  Ku Klux Klan being a circle of family. (Klan, or clan from Scotland) The Klan claims to be so superior as the white race. If they are so superior to other races, then it seems to me that they would use a word developed from a language created by their own race instead of stealing a word from a language that was created by the Greeks, who the Klan considers inferior! Thanks for making this point Maria!



Q: Is it true that at one time the Klan would have lynched a Catholic before an African American or Jew?.......Gloria, Ayrshire, Scotland

Johnny: I would have to say that the Klan was certainly anti-Catholic but I never have known of even one case where the Klan lynched anyone just because they were Catholic. The Klan did not accept Catholics because they believed that Catholics bowed down to a Roman Dictator and they see the Catholics as putting the Vatican before God.  That was their reasoning anyway. The Klan claimed to be Protestant. Most of the anti-Catholic stance of the K.K.K. was due to the fact that many foreigners came to the USA that were Catholic and the Klan was against foreign immigration, stating they were taking jobs away from White, American-born citizens.  In addition, a great number of Catholics were nonwhites and that just gave the Klan another reason to dislike Catholics.  In 1974, however, the face of the Klan was changed when then Grand Wizard David Duke opened Klan membership to White Catholics. Many Catholics joined the Klan. 



Q: I was wondering if the Klan was prejudiced against Lutherans like they were against Catholics?  The two religions are somewhat similar.  Did you have to follow a certain sect of Christianity to be a Klansman?  I was reading about your favorite singers.  Do you like Lynyrd Skynyrd?  Seen them in concert last night they were awesome..........Alabamaman

Johnny: As far as I can recall, there was no negative feeling about Lutherans voiced by the Klan.  However, the Klan ended up taking a stand against most Judeo-Christian churches in the mid 80's when they began to adopt Identity Christianity as their official religion.  Identity is a screwed up type of cult that twists the Word of God around to try to convince people that Jews are children of Satan and that the true Israelites are white Aryans. They consider those of us who follow the real Christ, whether we be Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Methodist, etc, to be "Jew lovers". Yes I like Lynyrd Skynyrd and I do hope to see them in concert myself someday.  Thank you for visiting my website!!